Board & Staff Retreats

Meadowlark Institute staff are highly experienced at hosting organization Board or staff retreats. We will work with your organization to clarify intent for the retreat, outline an agenda, convene the meeting and, upon request, provide a report back on the outcomes.

Examples of past retreats that Meadowlark Institute staff have hosted include mission and vision affirmation or review, strategic plan review and update, team building among Board member, staff members or joint Board-staff team building,

We are experienced in hosting ½ day, full day and multi-day retreats. We can work with your organization to plan the entire retreat, including facilities, lodging, meals, entertainment, etc, or work specifically on the meeting purpose, agenda and hosting of the retreat.

Processes we use include check-ins and check-outs, meeting in Circle, World Café conversations, Technology of Participation planning and personal story sharing to connect to vision and purpose.

Typical of comments we receive from participants in retreats we host is this one by Brenna Daugherty, Executive Director of the North Dakota Humanities Council:


"This was the best Board retreat we have had. We plan to continue to use some of the practices we experienced in the retreat in our regular Board meetings."