Art of Participatory Leadership

In every organization, group and community people are calling for leadership. They want leaders who can work in new and collaborative ways, show the way through chaos and take wise action. This calls for a new look at how we define leadership, and how we invite participation so that all of us can commit and contribute. The key lies in looking both at what you choose to focus on and how you engage others in conversations that matter. The Art of Participatory Leadership (AoPL) training offers a strategic foundation for developing powerful questions, innovative ways to create containers for working together, and a set of methodologies that support people to step in, step up and take action.

The Art of Participatory Leadership training is a three-day hands-on workshop in practices and methods that invite us to explore how engaging the resources and collective intelligence of a diverse group of stakeholders, through Conversations that Matter, can lead to wise solutions for the future. In essence participants learn how to go from strategic conversations to wise action and systemic change.

This training is not for spectators...during the training you will learn by observation, experience and practice, using interactive processes:

- to build a safe and inspiring learning environment
- to investigate and support hosting conversations as a core leadership practice and competence for leading strategic change
- to explore collaborative working as a strategic means for dealing with increasingly complex cross-cutting issues
- to experience and learn how to use processes that invite people to contribute their diverse knowledge and skills to meet a common purpose
- to explore harvesting i.e. making meaning of what we have collectively discovered
- to take the practice of hosting and harvesting and apply it to key strategic change projects in participants' lives and daily working contexts
- to strengthen your network of practitioners

AoPL workshops have been presented around the world including the USA, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Zimbabwe, and throughout Europe. They have been conducted at the European Commission. They have been developed specifically for foundation grantees, organizations working with children and families, organizations working on Social Determinants of Health, exploring how to take social innovation to scale, rethinking the operating structure of a major university, redesigning a provincial department, small businesses seeking to build internal leadership practices, and more.

If you are serious about unleashing the power of leadership in your group or organization, this could be the most important choice you make this year.


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