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We live in an increasingly complex and interconnected world where innovations and sustainable solutions to the challenges we face depend upon our ability to be flexible during times of rapid change, appreciate diverse worldviews, be comfortable with uncertainty, hold multiple points of view simultaneously, and engage in meaningful conversations with those who hold different traditions, values and goals.In response to this need, new leadership skills and facilitation tools have emerged around the globe that enable us to work together with intelligence and wisdom in large or small groups, where people are treated with respect and there is an opportunity for all voices present to be heard. These new tools enable us to better manage change and produce business or social impact. With these tools, we develop the capabilities to bring forth the knowledge, wisdom and leadership capacity that is within each of us, our organizations, and our communities.

The Meadowlark Institute is a resource for you to bring these result-oriented methodologies into your organization, business, community, or institution to develop sustainable outcomes and a shared commitment to action on challenges and opportunities you may be facing. The Meadowlark Institute can train and support leaders in your organizations in the Art of Participatory Leadership and the Art of Hosting Meaningful Conversations programs, and can develop customized leadership programs for individuals, businesses and organizations.

Institute staff and associates are experienced practitioners in strategic and action planning, team building, civic or organizational dialogues, and cross-institutional collaboration. If you are looking for success in the twenty-first century, contact us to discuss how the Meadowlark Institute may be a resource for you, your organization or your community.